As the only child of television and movies, Emre Ünaylı (34) became aware of both of his parents’ colorful worlds at a very young age. Since his father, the cinema, was well-established then, he introduced Emre to the wonders of the outside world through his lens. Meanwhile, his mother, the television, had a keen interest in local stories, and she opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Emre through the small screen.

As Emre grew older, he became fascinated with the art of storytelling and decided to pursue his passion by studying cinema, television, and advertising. His studies allowed him to delve deeper into his ancestors’ worlds and understand the power of visual storytelling.

Armed with knowledge and various experiences of creativity, Emre set out to create his mark in the world of screens, colors, and ideas. He embraced the challenges that came his way, juggling multiple roles as a creator, always keeping an eye on the future of his dreams and the legacy of his ancestors.

Emre hopes to make a meaningful contribution to the world of storytelling. He recognizes the challenges of this field, but he is committed to honing his craft and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on screen as a son of a tv!


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