Emre, who was raised by television, is 34 years old from Istanbul, Turkey. 

As a son of television and movies, this only child became friends with his parents at a very young age. Because his father, the cinema, was well established at the time, our hero was exposed to the outside world through his father’s supervision. And, because his mother was interested in local stories, she introduced him to the vibrant world of small screens!

Thanks to a series of degrees in cinema, television, and advertising, our hero was able to study both of his ancestors. After learning so much about his past, our hero set out on his own into the future of this bizarre world of screens, colors, and ideas.

Our Hero is currently juggling all of the roles he has taken as a creator of many things while keeping an eye on the future of his dreams and his ancestors as a son of a tv! 

To be continued…


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