“Doomed!” is a fantastical comedy series about the reunion of the extinct human race in an alternate universe where they will settle their mortal lives. This anthology series, in which the lives of mortals from various segments of society are shown in each season, takes place in a slightly absurd universe in which they must come to terms not only with each other but also with all the creatures with whom they share their lives. The series progresses in a half-fantastic, half-realistic line by combining the imagination of its characters with real-life insights, with the goal of making its audience question their lives and choices while having fun.

The entire focus of “Doomed”, which pays its respects to the issue of faith but does not go there at all, is on human beings and their mortal life.

The 4.40 billion-year-old planet Earth has already experienced five mass extinctions, including the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the sixth will mark the end of the life forms known as humans. After finishing on Earth, the human race gathers in an alternate universe where they must settle accounts with all the creatures they shared the planet with before entering the divine dimension. Everyone in this universe has a different reality, but the same rules apply: all mortals must settle their personal accounts and close the book on Earth before confronting their faith.

Emre Özer wakes up in the “Account Universe” after his sudden death at the age of 33, and while he is shocked to learn that life continued after him and that he must now account for his entire mortal life, he quickly adapts to this universe. After discovering that he can settle his accounts in any way he wants, our hero decides to settle them in a television format where he can embellish them with dramatic moments. Our hero is preparing to settle accounts with everyone and everything, from his first school teacher to the boss he despises, from the resentful potted flower to the cat he feeds, and his first “live broadcast” guest is someone he never expected. Emre, who has believed his entire mortal life that he has a better life in another universe, meets a second Emre who represents his unlived life and where this belief becomes a reality. This second Emre, who draws a superior and more mature character than our hero in every way, tells our hero that, above all else, he must first come to terms with himself. As a result, our hero, who has never believed in himself, embarks on an absurd journey about his personal beliefs in a dimension where everything he believes in is real.

Throughout the first season, our protagonist comes to terms with all the entities in his life in a variety of situations and settings, including a desert island, dating shows, talent competitions etc. and at the end of his story, he surprisingly comes to terms with himself and ends his personal universe and moves on to the next one where he will be alone with his faith.

Emre Özer, who has a colorful personality merged with popular culture and an unfinished life story, carries these characteristics to the universe of reckoning in which he finds himself. Unable to realize his dreams during his mortality, Emre therefore begins to “live” his posthumous reality as a 10-part television program. Thus, all of our character’s reckonings turn into dramatic moments decorated with exaggerated reenactments or divine comedies with absurd situations.

This “superbeing” in charge of Emre’s accounts actually represents the voice of his logic.

This being, which represents our character’s childhood, will also play a mediating role in the showdown between Emre and Emre Bey.

This cat, which represents the greatest love Emre has ever known in his mortal life, is a creature that has lived nine times on Earth!

This version of Emre, who is always “happier” in the alternate universe, is the embodiment of all his unfulfilled dreams. 

This legendary voice, which Emre strangely admires, mysteriously finds itself in the conflict between our hero and his evil twin. 

“Doomed!” is planned as an anthology that will tell the reckoning of different mortals in each season. 


When a married couple with 20 years between their deaths reunites in the Account Universe, they begin to pay the bill for two. When the posthumous affairs of one of the couple come into play, a romantic reckoning ensues in which immortal loves are questioned.


When the three women, who have called each other “my hereafter” throughout their mortal lives, come together again in the “Universe of Account,” they realize that they don’t have much in common, but they often have to settle their accounts together.


When an extended family who have double-crossed each other and kept big secrets throughout their mortal lives meet in the “Universe of Reckoning”, a generational showdown ensues in which all truths are revealed and roles are reversed.

“Doomed!” universe is an alternative universe that can take a different form for each mortal, but where the same rules apply to everyone. Here all living beings are accountable and equal. Humans and other living beings can understand and communicate with each other in various ways in this universe. 

The series, which examines the relationship of a human being with all the living beings that enter his/her life and expands the concept of “Civil Rights” to “Life Rights”, is an entertaining satire and even a fable about life and human beings who live as if the end will never come. Inspired by many television formats that Turkish people can’t get enough of, such as morning shows, discussion and sports programs, “Hesap Please!” examines the lives of its main protagonists, combining the dramatic perspectives of productions such as Dead Like Me and The Truman Show with the disproportionate energy of live television programs.

The main purpose of “Doomed!”, which wants to deliver its message by hiding behind a fantastic comedy approach, is to make us empathize about the value of the lives we have. The first season, centered on a man who has lived his life as if there is no tomorrow, is a warning against the real consequences that we will not account for, based on the power of influence that a single life has. It is a satire, even a fable, that aims to bring down the arrogance of superior beings by depicting the end of humankind, which harms the planet and its environment every day. 

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 Emre Ünaylı